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Age of the Dead (aka Anger of the Dead)

Yep, it's another zombie movie review. At this rate, I may end up changing my name to the Undead Movie Critic Next Door. Mm, braaainss.

Unnamed prisoner running... in plain sight on the road with cars chasing her.

Halloween Girl

It's a bit late for Halloween, but seeing as it's my favorite holiday reviewing a short called Halloween Girl seems like a good way to make the season last. Also, it's a lot more fun than packing up presents to mail.

The Halloween Girl. Definitely creepy, but how dangerous she is is less certain.

Nightmare Code

The Code in Nightmare Code does refer to programming, and a knowledge of coding might allow you to find some interesting references here and there. But luckily all you really need to know for your movie-watching enjoyment is what it's like to face a deadline you're not sure you'll be able to make, and I think anyone who's ever gone to school has suffered through that.

Brett interviews the team. ROPER learns a lot from this, I'm sure.

Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

I know, I know, it's another zombie movie already, but hey, it's Halloween. And it's considerably different from Survivors, anyway. Somehow blending horror and comedy often seems to result in the sort of comedy I can't discuss in detail in a family-friendly review, and this movie is no exception, but in-between the cringe-worthy jokes it was a pretty fun movie.

Carter pauses for a selfie during the zombie apocalypse.


It's hard to believe we've had almost a half-century of the zombie-style post-apocalyptic genre -- and that's only going back to 1968 and Night of the Living Dead, never mind the very early zombie flicks of the 1930's. But though there are relatively high-budget zombie films like the 28 duology which are already becoming classics, the low-budget zombie movies don't have to suffer when compared to their wealthier cousins, and Survivors proves it.

A man and his victim. No, that isn't a zombie menacing the helpless young woman.

The Martian

Normally I don't much like following trends for some reason -- this is why I can't ever read the Harry Potter books -- so it does seem a little weird to me to join in on the many raves already out there about this movie, but what the heck? It is a good movie, and a good book, so why not do my small bit to help encourage both? And yes, I slipped up somehow and actually read the book first, quite some time ago.

One of the gadgets that helps Watney live. Bonus points if you can name it.

Death Valley

Since getting my certificate of completion from the TCM online course on noir movies, I'm possibly a slightly more professional critic, though admittedly I wasn't sure that being better able to categorize what 'film noir' means would be a great deal of help in the modern movie industry. It turns out that it can be, though, as in this particular movie, Death Valley (trailer goodness here).

The cast and the dead body. Not the best start to a wedding trip.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

I'm wondering if this is going to be the latest conversation starter. "So, how about that young adult post-apocalyptic trilogy of your choice?" It even works for books and movies, so it's perfect, right? As I've said about the first installment of this series, they're all starting to blur together somewhat and the problem isn't likely to get any better, but there have been worse trends, I suppose.

The kids run over a fallen building. It never actually happens, but looks cool.

The Transporter Refueled

I suppose Rebooted would also have worked, but that particular pun might have been harder for people to catch. Strangely, I did see the original Transporter movie, but I have to admit I had forgotten most of it and I never did find the time to rewatch it before going to this one. That may be just as well, though, since I think that might have made me even more distracted during this flick, and I was barely able to pay attention as it was.

See? Card catalog. Who even uses those things anymore?

Fantastic Four

Right. I've decided to pretend that this isn't a Fantastic Four movie, since it could have just as easily been about any random group of people getting weird super-powers. Mind you, even the most successful self-deception isn't going to make this into a good movie, but at least it makes it less painful to my childhood memories of reading the FF comics. And Michael Bay wasn't even involved.

The cast and some energy thing. I'm too burnt out to think of funny captions.
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