The lanterns being released from the palace on Rapunzel's birthday.

Now, I’ve reviewed kids’ movies before, and it hasn’t been that bad — aside from the embarrassing moment at Planet 51 when I realized that I really should have brought a kid along so I’d be less conspicuous. But thanks to the fact that it was Thanksgiving, or maybe the fact that this was Disney’s 50th animated film, or just my sheer bad luck, this time things were more like what you’d expect to find at a kids’ movie. That is to say, lots of kids, none of whom seemed willing either to sit still or to be quiet.
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The real stars of the film: the alien ships and the things that go boom.

The trailer looked so cool. It was such a mysterious teaser, I really wanted to see the film. But now I know why it was so mysterious. If they’d actually shown us anything of the movie except special effects shots, no one would have paid to see it.

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Megamind and Metro Man: The eyebrows have it.

If you’ve seen the 1978 Superman movie, with Marlon Brando as Jor-El, then a good part of this movie will give you déjà vu. Will Farrell doesn’t do a very good Marlon Brando impression, but then, it isn’t really supposed to be all that good. I don’t think so, anyway. Will Farrell was actually quite bearable, that’s the point.

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