Who is the Movie Critic Next Door?

As the name implies, I'm not exactly a professional film critic. The closest I've come to studying film is when I used to sneak into my sister's Art of Cinema class in college just to watch the free movies. I didn't stick around for the analysis because, well, I already knew if I liked the movie or not, and it wasn't like I was getting graded.

I've been writing these reviews since December of 2006, and I'm still not getting graded -- or paid, come to that. These are all just my opinions, and if you disagree -- or even if you think I'm a raving looney -- I hope you still enjoy reading. I just like movies, and want to share the love. And the sarcasm.

Oh, and if the name is familiar, by some small miracle, but not the site, you may have seen my reviews on incompetech.com as well. Alas, they are there no longer, so these days some of my spare time goes to transferring those old reviews over here as MCND ClassicsTM. So who's got the popcorn?