Check Please!

Blind dates are scary things, with equal potential for disaster, magic, and everything in-between. This is why I've never been on one; I'm sure I couldn't handle the pressure. Sometimes they also lead to awkward conversations, as in Check Please!, where Adam (Shane Ryan) and Steve (Chad Meisenheimer) have met for coffee the morning after their blind date.

They hit it off pretty well, at least well enough for a one-night stand, but now Steve needs to talk to him to clear the air. And if there's ever been a more awkward post-date conversation, at least as far as Adam is concerned, it's pretty hard to imagine, because Steve's revelation is unexpected, to say the least.

Considering this short runs only a couple of minutes, here's where I have to stop talking. More than once you'll catch yourself wondering if you heard what Steve was saying correctly, and, like Adam, might not be able to figure out how in the world he ended up with a guy like Steve, however briefly. But the laughs are there as well, with some great interaction between the characters -- no matter how strange the things Steve says are, he says them with an easy self-confidence -- and it's a fun watch that gets three and a half out of five. It might even lead you to some interesting musings on human nature, the dating scene, and knowing yourself -- or not.

Steve and Adam have a really strange talk over coffee.


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