This is listed as science fiction on imdb, but that isn't quite right. I mean, it is sci-fi, considering that it deals with things like mysterious astronomical phenomena and the sort of physics that can make your head hurt if you look at it too closely, but it isn't just sci-fi. The only special effect is the comet in the night sky, which is very pretty but also the thing that's causing all the trouble.

The premise doesn't sound very sci-fi, either: in a quiet suburban house, four couples gather for a dinner party, and the entire film takes place in or near said house. The hosts are Mike (Nicholas Brendon of Criminal Minds) and Lee (Lorene Scafaria), a semi-struggling actor and someone who uses Skype a lot, respectively. They probably mean she works for whoever owns Skype now, but that part wasn't absolutely clear. Mike mentions having been a series regular on Roswell, which was an actual series, except he wasn't in it. Anyway, Beth (Elizabeth Gracen of the Highlander TV series) and Em (Emily Foxler) are the first to arrive, and Em is nervous about the comet. Rumors have been flying that the comet's presence might cause all sorts of odd problems with electronics, and the screen on her phone has just cracked for no apparent reason, while she was holding it in her hand.

Em's boyfriend Kevin (Maury Sterling, who was the voice of one of the wolves in Kung Fu Panda 2 but mostly just has TV credits like everybody else) thinks she's overreacting a little, but Hugh (Hugo Armstrong), Beth's husband, isn't so sure. His brother, the theoretical physicist, has asked Hugh to call if he notices anything strange while the comet is around, so he's taking things a bit more seriously. And then there's Amir (Alex Manugian, Rango) and Laurie (Lauren Maher of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise). Laurie used to be Kevin's girlfriend, and she isn't terribly nice to Em.

About halfway through a pretty normal dinner party, if one with a little extra tension to it thanks to Laurie and Em's worries about the comet, the lights go out. The whole neighborhood is dark -- except for one house about two blocks away, which is still lit up like a Christmas tree. With their cell phones also not working and the internet down, Hugh decides to head over to the house and ask to borrow their phone so he can talk to his brother about this, and that's when things start getting weird.

A nervous Beth insists that someone go with him, and so Amir tags along. When they return a short time later, Hugh has a cut on his forehead, Amir is carrying a mysterious metal box, and both are shaken up... and that's pretty much where I have to stop explaining, because it's much more fun not to know anything and try to figure out what's happening right along with the characters. I want to watch it again now that I know the ending, but sadly it isn't on DVD or Blu-ray yet.

It is, however, a very well-made movie, worth four and three-quarters out of five, and the audience liked it a lot... even if the ending does leave you with several tantalizing, unanswered questions, which I'm still pondering. It's a touch creepy in places, too, making you wonder about things like what the person next to you, who you think you know so well, might really be capable of doing if the circumstances were just a tiny bit different. And creepier still, it makes you wonder what you yourself might be capable of, if your everyday life gets shaken up badly enough. As the tagline says, sometimes you have to rearrange your brain.

Em peeks around the corner, seeking to find herself.


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