The Last Hurrah

We've all felt that yearning to recapture the glory days. Maybe it's the time when your career was soaring and anything was possible; maybe it's when love was blossoming and the world felt perfect. In the film noir short The Last Hurrah, Samuel (Michael Bronte) wants to reclaim both -- he and his beautiful, icy wife Petra (Aleksandra Vujcic) were business partners as well as spouses, though now both relationships have ended.

But tonight they've done one last business deal together, one final score to set them up for a very early retirement. Their business isn't strictly legal, you see, but they've always worked well together. They have a son together as well, so given those two facts it's not terribly surprising that Samuel thinks things might go back to the way they were. Of course, there's also the awkward fact that he's remarried, but they can worry about that later, right?

As it turns out, however, Petra has her own very detailed plans for her future, and they don't include Samuel -- but they do include their son, who Samuel has been raising. How will this battle of wills end? Remember, this is noir, where anything can happen and whatever does happen will often surprise you.

And it is noir, from Samuel's fedora to Petra's fox stole, all filmed in sleek, crisp black and white that gives it an absolutely gorgeous look and feel. We've gotten to expect older films to be damaged, with tinny sound and picture jumps, but of course that isn't how they started out. Filmmakers have always worked hard to make their creations as realistic as possible to help draw the viewer in. Thanks to modern technology, The Last Hurrah can do that in spades. Despite being in black and white, everything looked real enough to touch.

As often happens with short films, you're left wanting to know more about how the characters got where they are, but the clues we're given are more than enough for some interesting theories. And Michael Bronte makes a very good handsome, gentleman crook -- a thief with some honor, at least -- while Aleksandra Vujcic shines as the scheming, brittle Petra. One thing is sure, "complicated" is the absolute least you can say about their relationship, and despite everything, they're still a good team, even if it's only for one last, tense night.

The Last Hurrah will premiere in Albert, France on December 10th, 2016! Check it out here.

Petra smoking. Back then it was all right to blow smoke in people's faces.
Petra and Samuel on the stairs. I couldn't resist the lighting.


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