For the Love of George

It's happened to us all: the day seems to be going along much as usual and then something unexpected happens that upends your life in some way. Maybe it's a betrayal by a friend, maybe an illness, but whatever it might be you find yourself suddenly unsure of what to do next, and that's never a pleasant feeling. In For the Love of George, Poppy (Nadia Jordan) finds her life changed when she discovers that her husband of 12 years, Stephen (Henry Hereford), is cheating on her.

But Poppy doesn't have a traditional sort of meltdown. She needs a better sort of man, she thinks, and something makes her decide that George Clooney is such a man. I'll never understand the attraction myself, but there are certainly worse celebrities to fixate on. Convinced that she's fated to meet her new love, she heads out to visit her friend Justin (Rex Lee) in Los Angeles. She's supposed to be there two weeks, though she seems to have packed enough for a year. I'm not sure how she fit it all in her suitcases. Anyway, Justin has recently broken up with his boyfriend Paolo (Danny Araujo), so they have a lot to talk about. He suggests Poppy extend her visit indefinitely, and at that point the breakdown begins in earnest.

Poppy works from home as a writer for a magazine called , so she can just as easily work in Justin's house. But while at first her boss Sharon (Marina Sirtis) cautions her not to let her personal life bleed into her writing, Poppy's troubles soon take on a life of their own and go viral as she searches for a new path -- and she searches everywhere, believe me.

Justin, trying to help, sets Poppy up with a new best friend, Marcy (Adrienne Whitney), whose husband is gone more than he's home. Justin's housekeeper Irina (Petra Bryant) sends Poppy to Psychic Sara (Kristen Johnston). Poppy even finds a therapist who's a 'relationship counselor to the stars', Dr. Faye (Rosanna Arquette), thinking that here's someone who will understand how she feels about George -- and who maybe also counsels George. By the time Poppy meets Luke (Shaun Sipos), who is instantly smitten with her, Sharon realizes she's onto a good thing and starts demanding that Poppy print all the juicy details.

There's a lot going on -- and too much of it happens in the form of a music montage -- but there's a fun, zany feeling about the film that keeps Poppy's quest from turning uncomfortably stalker-ish. She's rather an inept stalker, for one thing. And even in her worst moments there's a sense of boundless optimism underneath all her flailing. Even if this particular plan doesn't get her perfect bliss -- or at least a "chance" meeting with George -- then maybe the next one will.

I'll still never get this George Clooney craze, but we've all got Georges in our lives, whether they're celebrities we long to meet, fabulous trips we'd love to take, or dream jobs that seem just out of reach. And in the end this is a movie about hope and how it can keep us going, even if it also drives us (and our friends) crazy along the way. Nadia Jordan gives Poppy just enough charming quirks to keep her obsession mostly harmless, and the supporting cast is just neurotic enough to be weirdly realistic. Once in a while, maybe it isn't such a bad thing to pack up and chase after our own personal Georges.

Poppy and Justin, looking for love in all the wrong places.


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