The MCND: Celebrating (Almost) Five Years of Films, Fun, and Snark

Back in December of 2006, the Movie Critic Next Door was born. Well, the site was born, anyway. I was alive for a considerable while before that. The point is, it's rapidly closing on five years since I hopefully (and surprisingly optimistically) posted that first review, which means it's time to celebrate -- or mourn, I suppose, if you're not a fan.

I never had any grand plans for the site -- luckily, or I would have been sadly disappointed -- but it's been a fun ride so far, and hopefully will continue to be for at least the next five years. From humble beginnings as a section on, the site has moved to its own home -- which is still humble, of course, but hey, I've got a few more hits now than when I started. I'm pretty sure. Google Analytics says so, at least, and who am I to argue with the mysterious and unpredictable ways of Google?

Never would I have guessed, for example, that my review of Takers would become hugely popular just because I talked about Genghis Khan. Or that my review of Contagion would similarly take off because people are curious about who wrote it, or that so many people are like me and get terribly curious about what the runes say in Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. On the other hand, if I could predict things like that, I'd be lounging comfortably in my mansion while earning millions by occasionally dispensing advice about building internet traffic to anyone with a website (which these days is basically anyone with net access), and the entire world would know what MCND stands for!

Ahem. To sum up: fifth anniversary in less than a month, and nearly two years on this, my very own site. As part of the celebration -- or suffering, perhaps -- I'll be reposting some of my old reviews under the MCND Classic heading: a few of my favorites, the ones most commented on, and a few that I just thought would be fun to read again. So don't be startled if you see a "new" review for a movie that's actually four years old. I'm certainly not a professional, but I'm not quite that bumbling of an amateur, either.

The most complicated graph ever. Follow it, and your site will rule the web!


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Hi David, Many of the older

Hi David,

Many of the older reviews are still over on, where I got my start. I've been reposting a few of my favorites over here as MCND Classics, and will post a few more later, but it'll be a while before I can get most of them over to this site. You can start with my very first review here: and just browse around if you like -- I don't believe they're still linked from the main page, but they're there.

Thanks for the interest!


Congratulatiuons on the

Congratulatiuons on the milestone. I quite enjoy your writing style.

Where are all the older reviews though? When I look in the index there are just recent films.



I am really impressed by the

I am really impressed by the discussion on the subject. I appreciate the post for its nice content and design. I have enjoyed reading the interesting review. It is a very informative post.

Congratulations! Here's to

Congratulations! Here's to five more great years of reviewing mostly mediocre movies!


I remember your humble

I remember your humble beginnings. And I remember thinking you were Kevin Macleod at first! :)

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