Into the Mud

Imagine waking up in the woods and not knowing where you are. You're naked, hurt and bleeding, lying on a plastic sheet. None of these facts are reassuring, but things are about to get even worse. This is where María Forqué's character finds herself in Into the Mud. We'll call her Girl because that's how she's credited on IMDB.

Meanwhile, not far away is a man IMDB calls Redneck, a sort of hippie-looking hunter. He's very much a predator and the girl is his prey... but there's a secret in these quiet, lovely woods, and this is not just the straightforward chase you might expect.

Given the time frame, it's naturally a simple movie, but they make good use of the time and there's a wonderful build of suspense. There's also no dialogue as such, but you won't miss it -- the actors' solid performances and the great visuals give you all you need to enjoy this sneaky, gruesome little survival horror.

She's having a very bad day right now.


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