Nite Nite

When I was little I had a magic blue rock that would keep the monsters away, because when you're seven, you tend to take the whole monster thing pretty seriously. It's worse when it's the sitter looking out for you instead of mom and dad, because the sitter might not be as good at finding where the bad things are hiding. Certainly the little boy (Brady Bond) in Nite Nite (written and directed by Chad Meisenheimer) has some serious concerns about his usual bedtime ritual.

The babysitter (Tommie Vegas) is a little vexed with his insistence about checking windows and under the bed, but humors him, at least until she goes back to her phone conversation with best friend Heather (Sarah Rhoades). But did she really check everywhere, as thoroughly as the boy's dad always does? Because something is definitely amiss in that bedroom...

There ends the plot summary, since the film is a short of under four minutes. It's set in 1985 and has the proper 80's feel to it -- I don't even remember the last time I saw a landline phone that size -- and seems a lot like the prelude to a slasher film with a supernatural twist, where strange things happen all over town whenever parents dare to leave their kids with a sitter. It's as much a teaser as a movie, but also stands nicely on its own despite leaving you with a cliffhanger. The ending isn't a shocker, but it's skillfully done and an entertaining watch, a nice little treat to add to your Halloween watch list.

The babysitter on the phone (of course). See how big that phone is?


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