Over Coffee

If you work in an office, half the fun is keeping track of the gossip that goes around -- or if you're more like me, the gossip is actually the single biggest problem about working in an office. Who's got the time to keep track of all that anyway? But in the workplace featured in Over Coffee, everyone knows one thing for sure: that Andrew (Erik Potempa) has a crush on Carla (Jocelyn DeBoer). David (Michael Oberholtzer) likes to tease Andrew about it, but then David's kind of a jerk.

They all have the world's worst boss, Hamilton Rice (Timothy J. Cox), but it's Carla who gets the worst of it as his assistant. Rice is beyond fussy, requiring different colors for different messages and needing exactly the same strange, specific coffee order every day. I don't remember what it was because I don't drink coffee and therefore don't speak Starbuck's, but it's complicated. Rice is also constantly threatening Carla's job, so maybe he should switch to plain old decaf.

On this particular day, Carla is facing even more of a crisis than usual. This is Andrew's big chance to help her out, and he's more than willing to do so... but running a quick errand for her while she gets things done in the office turns out to be not so simple as it seems. Will he succeed against the odds? Or will he just get himself and Carla fired?

The answers to these questions make for a delightful short comedy, and I don't usually even like romantic comedy all that much. But this one is nicely quirky and though Timothy Cox is clearly having the most fun as Rice, everyone's enjoying themselves. It's a great little jolt of caffeine and comedy that will help get you through the day.

Carla and boss-man Rice. Note the look of vague terror in her eyes.


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