Steve (Baker Chase Powell) has roommate problems. You see, Brian (Scott Aschenbrenner) is something of a slob -- a sloven, as the title says -- and Steve is tired of cleaning up after him, especially when Steve is busy trying to get ready for a Halloween party. There certainly is a lot of cleaning up to do, so I don't blame Steve for being annoyed. It seems as though Brian uses more plastic cups in a shorter time than any human being should. And Brian is so disorganized he can't even remember to bring his costume to the party. On the other hand, it's possible that Brian's bad habits aren't the real problem.

I won't give away any more than that -- the ending isn't exactly a shock, but it's still a pretty fun journey to get there. It can be difficult to find even a short horror film that doesn't rely heavily on the characters doing silly things, so it's refreshing to find a lack of that here. And also frustrating, because you hate to see characters suffer for not being idiots. Steve doesn't have great taste in Halloween costumes, true, but there are worse crimes.

The pacing is good and the reveal is well-done, so while there really aren't any surprises here it's still a solid three and three-quarters out of five. I know, I should learn to stick with halves and whole numbers, but three and a half just seemed a little low. Steve is certainly a sympathetic character. Most of us have had some sort of roommate problems; his are just a little worse than the usual.

Steve drinks to forget how messy his apartment is.


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