The Summoners

So you've got a deserted warehouse late at night, three teenage girls looking for thrills, and the spirit of a dead child molester. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out, even with only six minutes for bad things to happen, an awful lot.

Josette (Trista Robinson) is playing medium to start with, letting the spirit of a man known only as William speak through her. Friend Seneca (Wendy McColm) thinks the angry spirit's rantings are hysterical and has to try 'hosting' him for herself. And Thalia (Erin McIntosh) thinks they're both crazy, but as Seneca oh-so-sweetly points out, who else has she got to hang out with?

As freaky and alarming as I've always found Ouija boards to be, apparently you don't even need one to get into some serious supernatural trouble. And even having a pretty good idea of the terrible place all this is heading, the ending is still unsettling. Four and a half out of five, and remember: all the goth chic in the world will not protect you from a sufficiently enraged dead person.

Movie available here!

They don't need no stinkin' Ouija boards.


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