The Top 5 Movies that Prove Cell Phones are Evil

Okay, "evil" might be too strong a word. But any movie set in current times, especially any sort of thriller or action movie, has to take cell phones into account. Sometimes that simply means having them be out of battery or out of range so the heroes can't call for help; sometimes the cell phones themselves are what makes everything go wrong in the first place. If they're not evil, they're at least tricksters, messing with our minds. Without further ado, the Top 5 films where cell phones lead to death and destruction, sometimes on a massive scale.

5. Deception

"Hey, sexy.... This is Hugh Jackman I'm talking to, right?"

The short version: Two recent acquaintances accidentally swap cell phones, and one of them is pulled into a web of sex, crime, greed, and deceit.

Resulting Felonies: Drug use, destruction of property, grand theft, homicide. I had to look this one up because this is the movie I can never remember, but I think I hit all the highlights. Poor Ewan MacGregor is also framed for a crime he didn't commit, but if there's a legal term for that, I don't know what it is offhand. Interfering with a police investigation, maybe?

4. The Strangers

"What do you mean, low battery? There's a serial killer behind me!"

The short version: When a couple spends the night in an isolated cabin, three masked strangers appear, bent on killing them for no apparent reason.

Resulting Felonies: Breaking and entering, illegal detainment, torture, multiple homicides. I couldn't even root for the hapless couple when they were making such valiant efforts to reach the cell phone that was so inconveniently left behind in their car, because I knew that it wouldn't be of the slightest help, or there wouldn't be a movie. But it's a good illustration of how people start to depend on cell phones, which then fail when you need them most.

3. Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye
"Turn left. Go through the red light. Blow up the White House."

The short version: A mysterious, seemingly omnipotent presence manipulates two people into a plot to kill the President of the United States.

Resulting Felonies: Assaulting a federal agent, extortion, terrorist actions, attempted assassination, multiple attempted homicides, multiple homicides. And nearly all of the impetus for this laundry list of crimes comes from the calm, steady, not-quite-human female voice the hapless twosome hears so often over their cell phones.

2. Scream 4

Scream 4
"Stop using up my data plan!"

The short version: The subject of Edvard Munch's "The Scream" (aka the Ghostface Killer) comes to violent life once more, to kill as many people as possible in this meta-thriller.

Resulting Felonies: Threats, grievous bodily harm, multiple homicides. By about mid-movie, every character with at least two brain cells should have realized that answering the phone -- any phone, cell or otherwise -- only leads directly to Terrible Things Happening. Yet not only do they keep right on answering them, no one ever seems to think of using them to call for help until the murderer is right on top of them, swinging that shiny knife.

1. Source Code

Source Code
"All right, which one of you cell phones is responsible for this??"

The short version: A crazed man with a talent for electronics blows up a crowded commuter train. Or does he? A top-secret experiment allows one man to go back in time to attempt to stop this disaster before it happens.

Resulting Felonies: Destruction of property, terrorism, multiple homicides. In fact, given the funky time travel aspects of the plot, you could argue that there are potentially infinite homicides possible. That train blows up a dozen times as it is. Why does it make this list, right at the top? Because the bomb is triggered by a call to a cell phone. For shame.

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Movies and cell phones.. two

Movies and cell phones.. two of my favourite things. I decided to start a blog in a appreciation. Check it out (still very early days though);

You've given me an idea for a possible future category: 'Films where bombs are detonated by cell phones'. There must be quite a few.



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