The Top 5 Strangest Movie Job Titles

I always stay to watch the credits. Well, 99% of the time. I do occasionally bolt early when the movie was particularly vile, but that's only happened once or twice in five years. The point is, I often see unusual job titles going by as the credits roll, and I make note of them when I can. Now, I don't think these jobs are actually quite as weird as the titles suggest, but it's difficult to find anything online about them, so I felt able to let my imagination roam a little. Who knows? Maybe they're even weirder than I think. See what you can make of these Top 5 Strangest Job Titles:

5. Hot Head Technician

Hot Head Technician
Maybe he's also a Burrito Technician?

Job Holder: Steven T. Nolan
Where Spotted: Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
My First Thought: That there was a very angry technician on the set. A friend of mine suggested that maybe he was in charge of getting the actors infuriated so that they could more convincingly play scenes where they were angry.

On further reflection, I decided that "head" was there to modify technician, as in chief technician, and didn't really connect up with "hot". It's apparently not an uncommon job title, but I still can't figure out what it involves. Since it's listed under Camera and Electrical Department on imdb, I'm going to guess it's something electrical, and doesn't just require setting someone's hair on fire.

4. Hair Driver

Wig Driver
I'm thinking something like this, only portable.

Job Holder: Liliana Bouladoux
Where Spotted: Marie Antoinette
My First Thought: This being a movie where nearly everyone has to wear wigs, usually outrageous ones, I pictured some woman in charge of a large cart heaped with wigs, that she would push around the set to wherever a change of hair might be needed. And really, even after all this time, I can't actually think of anything better. Also, as far as I can tell, this job title has the distinction of appearing exactly once in the entire history of Hollywood flicks.

3. Special Effects Cleaning Lady

Special Effects Cleaning Lady
Like this, only more virtual, perhaps.

Job Holder: Leticia Nikolova Dineva
Where Spotted: Conan the Barbarian
My First Thought: It sounds like some sort of virtual cleaner, doesn't it? Like a CGI can tidy up your house for you, which I seriously think should be the next application they work towards for that technology. Sadly, it's probably just the name of the woman who cleans the offices where the special effects people work.

2. Stunt Poker Player

Poker Stunt Double
Maybe the script originally called for this sort of poker game.

Job Holder: David Lomax
Where Spotted: We Own the Night
My First Thought: Now that is one seriously high-stakes poker game. You must have to sign a waiver saying you won't sue for any injuries incurred at the table! It seems like this would make perfect sense if the scene involves a poker game where a fight breaks out like in an old west saloon, but in this movie, it was just a regular poker game in Joaquin Phoenix's character's apartment, with no punches, weapons, or bloodshed involved. Since Mr. Lomax's other credits all seem to involve regular stunt work, however, I can only conclude there was something subtly dangerous about the scene that I missed.

1. Stunt Interpreter

Stunt Interpreter
May I have this stunt dance?

Job Holder: Andre Michajlov
Where Spotted: Babylon A.D.
My First Thought: Honestly, I hardly know. It isn't as if stunts need to be translated. It doesn't seem like you'd need a professional specifically to describe fight scenes or car wrecks for the voiceover descriptions for the visually impaired. Was it like interpretive dance, only more violent? But then I realized that the group doing the stunts was from Czechoslovakia, so they probably just needed someone bilingual with them on set. Sigh.

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Succumb to the strangest

Succumb to the strangest titles.

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