Under the Flowers

Jackie (Katie Stahl) has dropped out of college and doesn't quite seem to know what to do with her life. Worse, she's being plagued by a recurring dream that's almost a nightmare. A young boy she doesn't know (Jacob Wilner) beckons her to follow him across a little wooden bridge and down a wooded path, but she's afraid to -- fear always stops her before she reaches the bridge. Best friend Ella (Gabby Huggins) tells her not to get too worked up, but that's easier said than done when Jackie starts seeing the same boy while she's awake. Her parents (Carol Furphy-Labinski, Richard T Wilson) are supportive, but also, understandably, even more confused than Jackie herself.

The dreams are intruding into her waking life in other ways as well, and it's getting harder for Jackie to know what's real. And a whole host of new people are appearing in her life, both sleeping and waking, and they all seem to have their own agendas behind the cryptic advice they offer. For instance, Poe (Lauren Lavera) helps Jackie out a couple of times, but Ella still doesn't trust her. And Charlotte (Catherine Kustra, Halloween Girl), for one, seems to know a lot more than she's saying.

It's a tantalizing beginning to what looks to be a nicely creepy series, emphasizing the horror within rather than without. The effects are (wisely) kept fairly low-key but it's still visually compelling, with Jackie's visions in particular very atmospheric. While it does feel a bit rushed in places, there are still plenty of unanswered questions to explore. What prompts Jackie's visions? Is there also more to Ella than meets the eye? Can Nick (Scott A. Evans) be believed even though he's by far the creepiest person in the show? Tune in on January 15th!

Watch for the new web series from Mad Shelley Films, beginning January 15th with new episodes premiering every Sunday through February 5th!

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