We are the Movies

I just barely remember my dad bringing me to see one of the many revivals of Fantasia in the theatre. Though I was never much of a Mickey Mouse fan, I knew that the Sorcerer's Apprentice part wasn't exactly usual for him, and I covered my eyes a few times over the spooky winged demon-things. It was all right, though, because my dad was there.

A little later on, my sister brought me to see a re-release of The Jungle Book. We got there a little late, and stood at the back of the crowded theatre letting our eyes adjust before we risked finding seats. I sang along with "The Bare Necessities" in a tiny whisper so as not to disturb anyone.

My sister and I also went to see Naked Gun 2 1/2 in the theatre. One of the final scenes spoofs an old episode of The Twilight Zone called "To Serve Man" -- the actor Lloyd Bochner was in both, and in the film, as he stands in the middle of a panicking crowd, he shouts out frantically, "It's a cookbook! It's a cookbook!" He was the recipient of that line in the Twilight Zone rather than the speaker, but there was no missing the reference and my sister and I laughed uproariously, though we were the only ones who caught it, or at least the only ones who thought it was that funny.

We went to see Silence of the Lambs when it was well on its way to becoming a classic, at a little theatre that also served terribly expensive pizzas and such, though we weren't terribly hungry after a while, unsurprisingly. Afterwards, we had to walk back to the car through a spooky alleyway late at night, and we giggled nervously as we threw ourselves into the car and drove off, making uneasy jokes about how if this had been a horror movie, the engine would have flooded and the bad guy would have gotten us.

Much as I rant and complain sometimes about the less than stellar offerings, I love the movies. They are woven into my life, and I could never choose just one favorite. Each one holds a memory, and each means something unique and valuable to me -- yes, even the worst movies I've ever sat through. We are the movies, and the movies are us.

Today we've lost a part of ourselves.

All my deepest sympathies go out to those affected by the tragedy in Aurora.


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