Bill Oberst Jr.

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Hell's Kitty

No matter how fraught other relationships get, we can always count on the simple, wholesome affection of our pets to cheer us up. The old cliche about cats and dogs becoming "part of the family" is true, and their unquestioning love can help us through tough times. But what if something happened to that sweet, uncomplicated bond and a furry companion became part of the problem instead of part of the solution? That's the question asked in Hell's Kitty, and the answer is a doozy.

Angel licking something she "found". Trust me, you don't want to know.


I wonder if Bill Oberst (Betrothed) would mind if I just followed his movies around and reviewed them all? That would keep me pretty busy, though it might also keep me from getting a good night's sleep ever again. Granted, I scare easily -- and yes, it is strange that I review so many horror movies despite that fact -- but it's also his fault because he's so good at being creepy.

The main characters have breakfast. Just an ordinary breakfast. Not.