Bruce Willis

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Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

As far as I can tell, it's absolutely no use trying to figure out where this movie fits in with the first movie. I almost gave myself a headache trying to work it all out. But some people who were dead at the end of the first Sin City are alive here and some who were dead are still dead, even if they're not quite gone. Marv (Mickey Rourke, Immortals) certainly doesn't seem dead or ghostly, though he is stuck being everyone's go-to guy when they want revenge and don't have the muscle to manage it by themselves.

A nice picture of Joseph Gordon-Levitt to help make up for his lack of plot.

Red 2

This time around, the average age of the seven main characters is a tiny bit higher -- 57 years exactly, as compared to 56.714 last time. Well, none of us are getting any younger.

Frank and Sarah about to be shot. Don't worry, they've got it under control.

Live Free or Die Hard

Or, Die Hard times 4, which is what I hear some are calling it. It's been a while since I saw any of the first three, but it's entirely possible that more stuff was destroyed in this one than in all those three put together. I understand that audiences get jaded, and you need to add more thrills, but wow.

The Bruce gives Matt his first lesson in the fine art of Dying Hard.


Bruce Willis with hair! When's the last time you saw that? We're talking bleached-blond surfer-dude hair that flops over his forehead. And yet, after the first moment of shock, it doesn't look all that silly, which is a pretty impressive achievement, I'd say.

New this year: FBI Ken and Barbie


In 2070 or thereabouts, it's terribly difficult to dispose of a body because everyone's tagged with some sort of electronic chip. Like what people do with their cats and dogs, I guess. So when a crime lord wants someone to disappear, there's a whole extra level of difficulty involved. Enter the miracle of time travel. I was curious to discover if it was invented specifically to solve this problem, but they don't say.

Bruce WIllis holds himself hostage. Er, holds Joseph Gordon-Levitt hostage.

The Cold Light of Day

Remember last week, when I pointed out that all sorts of English and Australian actors are learning to sound like they're from the U.S. in order to steal all the acting roles? Well, the situation is only getting worse.

Bruce Willis and Henry Cavill stare warily at each other.

The Top 5 Movies Secretly Based on Comic Books

Okay, it isn't such a huge secret, but once in a while the studios just don't seem to want to make a big deal about the fact that a particular flick is based on a comic book and/or graphic novel. This is probably mostly because a lot of people still think of comic books as featuring nothing but four-color heroes in a clear-cut struggle of Good vs. Evil, even though these days that image often couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, movies often have to tone down the level of mature themes that can be found in some graphic novels. Take a look at these Top 5, for instance:

The MCND Top Five List logo.


Red isn't a reference to the color, though of course there's a lot of blood. Nor is it a nickname -- there are no redheads in sight. It's actually an acronym, though if you haven't read the graphic novel, I won't spoil the surprise by telling you what it stands for. And yes, this was based on a graphic novel of the same name, by writer Warren Ellis and artist Cully Hamner. I think a couple of people in the audience were a little startled to see the DC logo in the opening credits, actually.

Helen Mirren and one of her impeccable selection of really big guns.

The Expendables

They're expendable and proud of it. I don't get it, either, but they are. Sylvester Stallone even has the word tattooed on his back.

The cast pictured on the movie poster; magnifying glass required.