Dania Ramirez

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Off the Menu

Adding financial issues to an emotional family disagreement is asking for trouble, which is why family businesses can be such tricky things sometimes. Just ask siblings Joel (Santino Fontana) and Stacey (Kristen Dalton, Jack Reacher) in Off the Menu, whose family business is the popular fast-food chain Tortilla Hut.

Sophia asking Joel an awkward question for the 2,437th time.


Longtime readers (Hey, you never know, I might have a few of those) may recall that I described Sunshine as being a little like 28 Days Later in space, because so many of the same people worked on both films. Now we have Quarantine, which is 28 Days Later in a Los Angeles apartment building (the darkest apartment building on earth), only without any of the same actors or crew, and not quite as good.

The film isn't this well-lit, but it's nice to see what the actress looks like.

Premium Rush

Despite all the fax machines and email programs in the world, sometimes you've just got to get something physically from one place to another in a ridiculous hurry. This is why there are bike messengers, and apparently quite a lot of them in places like New York. One such company, at least in this movie, is Security Couriers, where people are paid a pittance to race around on bikes and weave through traffic like a real-life Mario Kart.

Wilee realizes to his horror that the address on the envelope is illegible.