Jake Gyllenhaal

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No, not Nightcrawler of the X-Men, but that's okay, because it was still a good movie and he wouldn't really have fit in anyway. The premise does seem a little strange -- 'Nightcrawler' here refers to a sort of independent contractor who chases police calls and takes video of accidents and crime scenes so they can sell the footage to the news stations -- but it's a real thing that people do in large cities. Teleportation would certainly be helpful, but super powers are not required, just an incredible amount of nerve.

Lou realizes that he's forgotten to buy toothpaste.


This movie managed to sneak up on me. I didn't see a single trailer for it, despite the fact that I usually end up seeing every trailer for every major motion picture out there, whether I want to see said trailer or not. They're called trailers because they used to trail after the main feature, but someone eventually figured out that people don't stick around after the main feature and they were moved to the front instead.

Keller and Alex have a minor disagreement.


So for this one, I did a little research. There were two things involved in this film that I really didn't know anything about: the real-life Zodiac killings, and Jake Gyllenhaal. I'd heard of both, but really couldn't pick either one out of a line-up, so to speak. I wasn't even born when the killings began, and (like just about everyone else I know), my history class in school barely made it up to World War II, so my knowledge of anything after the Battle of Britain is a little shaky. I'm not sure we would have covered serial killers anyway.

Cryptogram described by a random person as "not looking very Christian".

The Top 5 Movies that Prove Cell Phones are Evil

Okay, "evil" might be too strong a word. But any movie set in current times, especially any sort of thriller or action movie, has to take cell phones into account. Sometimes that simply means having them be out of battery or out of range so the heroes can't call for help; sometimes the cell phones themselves are what makes everything go wrong in the first place. If they're not evil, they're at least tricksters, messing with our minds. Without further ado, the Top 5 films where cell phones lead to death and destruction, sometimes on a massive scale.

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There was a bizarre temporal anomaly when I went to the theatre. They thought it was still three weeks ago and they were still showing all the movies from then. Okay, yeah, I just couldn't face Water for Elephants. I heard someone compare it to Titanic -- the agonizing 1997 version, not the good 1953 version with Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck -- and I got scared.

Jake Gyllenhaal vs. The Train. Guess who wins?

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Thanks to Hollywood's generosity and thoughtfulness, people like me (who haven't owned a game console since the Nintendo 64 was the latest thing) can still find out all about the new, hot games -- if they're willing to wait until they're no longer new and hot, since it takes a while to get one of these movies released, of course. This is one such movie, and apparently the subtitle is important, since The Prince of Persia is apparently quite a different animal than The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, the second one being the game sequel to the first one.

Dastan and Tamina huddle in a tent in a sandstorm and talk strategy.