John Cleese

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Planet 51

Yes, I was the only grownup in the theatre without a kid in tow. This is my first time reviewing a movie aimed at the younger set, so it was kind of an experience. And I wasn't really sure what to expect -- some people kept saying it looked silly, others that it looked good and they wanted to see it. As it turned out, it was actually pretty fun, once I got over the idea that all the other adults were looking at me funny because I was there by myself.

Skiff is the one on the left, and he's right to look nervous.

The Day the Earth Stood Still

I never understood that title when I was a kid -- I mean, the earth doesn't actually stand still, not even in the movie. And the short story that it's based on is called "Farewell to the Master", though admittedly that doesn't have nearly the same ring to it. This movie is very definitely a remake of the 1951 film version, though, not the short story, and it's definitely no longer a B movie, either.

Keanu communes with the spheres, and walks on water.  Kind of.

Shrek Forever After

I've decided that the Shrek franchise is no longer for kids. Any film that contains the phrase "metaphysical conundrum" is clearly only pretending to be aimed at children. Plus I wasn't the only adult without a kid in tow, so it's official.

Donkey perches atop Shrek in classic style.