Paul Dano

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This movie managed to sneak up on me. I didn't see a single trailer for it, despite the fact that I usually end up seeing every trailer for every major motion picture out there, whether I want to see said trailer or not. They're called trailers because they used to trail after the main feature, but someone eventually figured out that people don't stick around after the main feature and they were moved to the front instead.

Keller and Alex have a minor disagreement.


In 2070 or thereabouts, it's terribly difficult to dispose of a body because everyone's tagged with some sort of electronic chip. Like what people do with their cats and dogs, I guess. So when a crime lord wants someone to disappear, there's a whole extra level of difficulty involved. Enter the miracle of time travel. I was curious to discover if it was invented specifically to solve this problem, but they don't say.

Bruce WIllis holds himself hostage. Er, holds Joseph Gordon-Levitt hostage.

Cowboys and Aliens

Yes, someone did get a little cutesy with the title. Don't let that throw you, though. It may only be rated PG-13, but it's got plenty of violence, explosions, and just-barely-off-camera gore. Everyone has a gun, and nearly everyone knows how to use it. It isn't a cute movie by any stretch of the imagination.

The Man with No Name, standing dramatically before a dramatic explosion.

Knight & Day

Poor Tom Cruise. He had to settle for third place in the box office, behind Toy Story 3 and some Adam Sandler thing. I'd say poor Cameron Diaz, too, but in her case this is a serious step up from The Box, so she's not doing so badly.

Tom and Cameron as Roy and June, on the run.