Peter Sarsgaard

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Green Lantern

Are you ready for your mind to be blown? That's what Hal Jordan asks his friend Thomas Kalmaku, who says he's ready but isn't really. I wasn't ready, either. I was afraid this was going to be another Green Hornet style debacle. The previews were unclear. It was possible that Ryan Reynolds was playing the character for laughs like Seth Rogan did as the Green Hornet, and I was afraid. But I conquered that fear, went to the theatre, and had a good time, as it turned out.

Green Lantern comic Hal Jordan and Green Lantern movie Hal Jordan.

Knight & Day

Poor Tom Cruise. He had to settle for third place in the box office, behind Toy Story 3 and some Adam Sandler thing. I'd say poor Cameron Diaz, too, but in her case this is a serious step up from The Box, so she's not doing so badly.

Tom and Cameron as Roy and June, on the run.