Russell Crowe

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Someone asked me yesterday if I'd liked the movie, and I had to say I wasn't sure yet. I'm still not quite sure, actually, though that may be partly because, though I wasn't sure what to expect, I certainly didn't expect rock monsters. I'm no biblical scholar, but I'm pretty sure those aren't even in the Apocrypha. All right, technically they're fallen angels, but they look like rock monsters and they can get pretty mean.

The ark as geysers appear to help the flooding along. Thar she blows!

Man of Steel

"Look! Up in the sky!" No one ever actually says, "Truth, justice, and the American way," but the general idea of that still permeates the entire movie and I couldn't help but think of it a lot. At least they do acknowledge now and then that there is a world outside of Metropolis and Smallville, which is more than a lot of action / disaster movies do. It kind of is a disaster movie, though that isn't too surprising. When Superman fights people of roughly his own power level, the collateral damage is going to be huge.

Superman prepares to smash a glacier into ice cubes with a power takeoff.

The Man with the Iron Fists

First of all, Quentin Tarantino actually didn't have anything to do with this movie. He's buddies with RZA (Repo Men) and Eli Roth, who also worked on the screenplay, and good old Quentin apparently said that it was fine for them to put his name on the movie even though he didn't have a job related to the movie.

Lucy Liu as Madame Blossom. I want that outfit.

State of Play

Yeah, Ben Affleck. *sigh* But he's playing a politician, and they always seem to be kind of wooden and distant, so it isn't so bad. It's not a bad little thriller, but it reminds me of that Ewan McGregor/Hugh Jackman film whose name I can never remember, because it's hard to remember this film, too.

Cal helps prove my Good Guys Have Messy Offices theory.

Robin Hood

I -- I don't know where to start. It's all so strange.

I'm best at the Tudor time period, but I've also read a lot about Eleanor of Aquitaine and her sons because -- let's face it -- Eleanor was the coolest European noblewoman ever. She told the King of France to take a hike, and he did. Eileen Atkins makes a pretty good Eleanor, don't get me wrong. The acting's good all around. But the history. Oh, the history.

Robin charging into battle against the French.