Sean Patrick Flanery

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My First Miracle

It's December, and all one 17-year old girl really wants for Christmas is the chance to make it to eighteen. Angelica (Katya Martín) has Myelodysplastic Syndrome, a rare cancer that causes bone marrow to produce bad blood cells. It's treatable with the right bone marrow donor, but as with any such donation it's hard to find a match. Her dad Mark (Matthew Rauch) and her mom Heidi (Valerie Cruz) are working hard to pay the bills -- chemo is crazy expensive -- but otherwise all they can do is wait.

Movie poster. Note Charlie and his cello spreading a little Christmas cheer.


The opening credits helpfully inform us that the movie is inspired by true events. This means about what it usually means in a Hollywood movie, which is to say that they took five or six basic facts, shook them around a little, and put them into a general outline that probably actually does have a little something to do with the actual circumstances. What really happened is that a Soviet submarine on maneuvers in the Pacific sank under doubtful circumstances in 1968.

Demi and Pavlov. No, Pavlov's mustache is not the super-gadget.

Saw 3-D

Since I can't possibly eat dinner, I might as well write this review now. There was an anniversary special for a small soda and a small popcorn for fifty cents, which was nice of them, but it didn't matter. After the first five minutes, I really couldn't bear the thought of chewing anything.

The car booby-trap, featuring an 8-track tape.