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When Rebooting Stops Making Sense

It had to happen. There's finally a weekend when there are two at least halfway-decent looking movies opening, and I can't get to the theatre without a dogsled. But I'm not ranting about snow, or even about politics. There's quite enough of that going on around here already.

No, I'm wondering about Spider-Man. That's right. Hey, it's a burning issue.

Spider-Men. Garfield vs. Maguire in the Ultimate Showdown!

Return of the Comic that Ate Hollywood (Green)

It's been five months since the original, so it must be time for the sequel. Okay, really, I just couldn't bring myself to watch anything on offer this past weekend,* and I really feel I should post something. One of these days I might pass 100 readers. Besides, there are actual new developments in the field of superhero flicks!

Green Hornet, meet Green Lantern, Lantern, Hornet.

The Comic Book that Ate Hollywood

Well, took over Hollywood would be more accurate, but not as dramatic. The fact is, from Superman to Batman, Spider-Man to Iron Man, the movies have always had a place for heroes (at least as long as they have 'man' in their names somewhere, apparently). Okay, there's also the Fantastic Four, but face it -- they have probably the worst track record ever for comic book heroes making the transition to the silver screen. If you count characters like Zorro and ruthless anti-heroes like V of V for Vendetta, that makes for a lot of super-hero flicks.

Kaboom! Pow! Kablooey! The art of the visual sound effect.