Walton Goggins

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Django Unchained

In a way, I feel like I just watched The Man with the Iron Fists again, so maybe that should count as a real Quentin Tarantino film after all. Heightening the illusion was the fact that I brought along the same friend to provide a male perspective. This time, however, we might almost have been watching different movies.

Dr. Schultz and Django stroll down the wild streets of the South. Cue shootout.


Turns out Adrien Brody isn't so much an action hero, as an action anti-hero. He's rude, stubborn, and cares more about his giant knife than any of the people he finds himself stranded with. On the other hand, none of those things are all that noticeable, since that description fits pretty much all of the characters in the film.

Sniper Alice Braga and her Really Big Gun