William Hurt

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Mr. Brooks

Kevin Costner is Mr. Brooks, successful businessman, family man, and the Portland Chamber of Commerce's Man of the Year. William Hurt is his sinister, deadly alter ego, Marshall. And Demi Moore is -- in another movie altogether, playing homicide detective Tracy Atwood. We'll get back to her later.

Don't look behind you!  William Hurt just might be there.

The Good Shepherd

Okay, I have to say this first: Matt Damon is absolutely wonderful. I rarely get all girly, but something about Matt just makes me want to sigh and bat my eyelashes. Ah, if only I was a real movie critic -- I could have seen this movie days ago in a lovely private screening.

The Birth of an Agency: The giant CIA logo makes an excellent meeting spot.

Robin Hood

I -- I don't know where to start. It's all so strange.

I'm best at the Tudor time period, but I've also read a lot about Eleanor of Aquitaine and her sons because -- let's face it -- Eleanor was the coolest European noblewoman ever. She told the King of France to take a hike, and he did. Eileen Atkins makes a pretty good Eleanor, don't get me wrong. The acting's good all around. But the history. Oh, the history.

Robin charging into battle against the French.