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What Jack Built

In a little shack somewhere deep in the woods, Jack (Timothy J. Cox, Night Job) is building something mysterious. He's working quickly and secretly, following a set of complicated hand-drawn and illustrated plans. They seem like the sort of plans that Rube Goldberg might have designed, with added hints of Wile E. Coyote and just a touch of Da Vinci thrown in for good measure. However odd they might look, though, Jack is taking them very seriously.

He seems convinced that someone is watching his careful preparations, however, and it's possible he isn't just being paranoid. Mind you, he definitely is paranoid, considering he lives like the Unabomber and probably hasn't spoken to another living soul in months, if not years, but in this case it might be justified. There are signs of movement out there, and it probably isn't just a curious deer. In fact, it seems extremely interested in Jack's project and what he might have in mind.

It's a short so I can't say much more, but though it's a simple little film it does an excellent job of pacing and building suspense, making you want to see Jack's fate for yourself -- not to mention find out once and for all what really might be lurking out among the trees. And it's a fun watch, very entertaining, plus a great example of what can be done with a room full of random pieces of wood, some scattered electronics, and a little ingenuity. Or maybe a lot of ingenuity. I just wish I could build things like Jack does.

You can't imagine how glad Jack is to see this keyboard.


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