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Bye Bye, Baby

It's hard to find a more iconic beginning to a horror movie than a young woman alone in a house at night. Perhaps the most famous example is that of Drew Barrymore in the original Scream, and Bye Bye, Baby certainly pays homage to that classic scene, as a young woman named Heather (Karina Kolokolchykova) settles in to watch a scary movie (in this case, the equally classic House on Haunted Hill) before being interrupted by a phone call.

But this time it's just Heather's friend Casey (Veronica Polo) urging her to come out and party. Heather declines -- she's just back from travelling and wants to relax -- but she's about to have more than enough to keep her busy in any case. For one thing, though she thought she was alone in the house, with the rest of the family away visiting her aunt, it turns out that little sister Jamie (Noa Sanchez) stayed behind since she wasn't feeling well.

The real problem, though, is that Heather keeps seeing a mysterious figure that's never there when she tries to get a closer look. Then even stranger things start happening, from an uncooperative radio to a rainstorm that isn't really a rainstorm, and Heather becomes increasingly frantic. Are these bizarre events random, or does her visitor have a sinister plan in mind for her?

Writer / director Pablo S. Pastor (Into the Mud) takes on a different sort of legend here, and again manages to create a sinister gem of a short film. It draws you in with a perfectly timed build of tension and excellent acting, and though the ending isn't quite a twist as such it's still a jolt. It's another top-notch modern fairy-tale release from Pastor, and I'm increasingly curious to find out what he might do with a feature length film.

Heather realizes she has more to keep her company than just a movie.


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