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Night of the Sitter

Raging teenage hormones sometimes have a lot to answer for, from acne to voices breaking at awkward moments to extremely poor decision making processes. In Night of the Sitter, the latter takes center stage as we witness Liam (Taylor Rhoades, who looks a little like Andrew Garfield except with even poofier hair) confidently thinking that he has a great plan to get luckier than he's ever dreamed he could.

You see, a pretty girl named Brooke (Danielle Rhoades) has agreed to a hookup in exchange for one small favor: he has to babysit for her little brother, Cade (Matt Nale). Rather than assuming, as any normal human would, that Cade is either the Antichrist, a budding supervillain, or possibly both, Liam says, "Cool!" and the deal is struck. Naturally things get off to a shaky start. Cade at first refuses to speak to his new sitter except through the use of his ventriloquist's doll, Lionel, and all Liam's attempts at small talk are quickly rebuffed. Cade's seen his sister make these babysitting 'deals' before.

At bedtime, Cade insists that Liam has to check the closet and under the bed for monsters, which admittedly is odd in a 15-year-old. But this 15-year-old knows for a fact that there's a monster somewhere in the house, and he's got a foolproof plan to deal with it. He just needs a little help from Liam to bait the trap and everything will be fine by the time his sister gets back. Probably.

It's a great romp, with Cade and Liam bonding over their strange shared quest and wreaking havoc as only a couple of teenage boys with more time on their hands than common sense can.
The results, while predictable, are still funny and while they don't go out of their way to build up a lot of tension the pacing is decent and it seems clear that the filmmakers had a lot of fun with this short. I'll give it three and a half out of five. It makes a terrible monster-hunting manual, but succeeds as a fun and entertaining watch.

Cade showing Liam his map. What could possibly go wrong?


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