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Because Reasons

Living in a small town or out in the country can be dull for a lot of people. I grew up in the middle of nowhere, and all my friends and I talked about was getting a car and a driver's license so we could actually get places without parental intervention. I didn't mind it, I liked the peace and quiet, but it certainly isn't for everyone. Take Tiffany (Krista West), for example, in the short Because Reasons. She's so bored out of her mind that a killing spree doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

It started close to home, as such things often do, and it isn't as if Tiffany ever really got along with her mother (Julie Chapin) anyway, and her father (David R. Clayton) is just a snake. But her body count quickly rises -- a young, pretty woman isn't going to strike most people as suspicious, which gives her a distinct advantage -- and Tiffany seems to feel utterly in control as she chats calmly with her next victim, Buddy Boo (Shawn Shillingford). That isn't his name; she just calls him that. But sooner or later she's bound to run into a situation she doesn't expect, and then perhaps she might not be so quick to call her hometown boring.

Told mainly in flashbacks narrated by our budding spree killer, the film doesn't take itself too seriously and is a strangely fun look at spree killing with a nifty twist at the end. Tiffany dances around the bodies of her victims and generally treats the whole experience like a new kind of night on the town, which in her mind it probably is. None of her victims have done anything for her lately, after all, and since she bores so easily it takes something like gruesome death to entertain her.

I'll give it three and a half out of five. It feels like it might work better as a feature-length or at least a slightly longer short -- as Tiffany says, it's not nearly as much fun if you have to rush through killing people -- and it does feel a bit hurried at times. But it's also a fun, quirky look at a new, millennial breed of psycho with their collective sense of entitlement, short attention spans, and the way they treat murder as a game. Because why not?

Tiffany and Buddy Boo, living on the edge.


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