Jurassic World

The Mosasaurous (the underwater behemoth) grabs a snack.

Twenty years or so ago, dinosaurs were wow, but these days not so much. Well, I guess you can get used to anything. Thanks to modern technology (or maybe just blind luck), though, these days the dinosaur park Jurassic World is at least perfectly safe, even if they do need to “up the wow factor” because attendance is down. Okay, almost perfectly safe. It would probably pass an OSHA inspection. Maybe.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Not actually a scene in the movie, but still a good cast shot.

I’ll admit, the previews for this made me a bit nervous. For one thing, the whole idea seemed like an odd choice for the next Marvel movie, since Guardians of the Galaxy was never a hugely popular title. I vaguely remembered the angry talking raccoon and the green woman, but that was about it, so I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea. Also, John C.
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