Dead on Arrival

Hans Dunkel. Would you buy insurance from this man?

A man awakens in a hospital to hear a doctor giving him the worst possible news: he’s been poisoned and has only a few days to live at best. Medical science can do nothing and he needs to make sure all his affairs are in order. Thanks to the 1949 classic D.O.A., this is a familiar premise, one that gets turned around and brought into modern times in Dead On Arrival.

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Taken 2

Liam talking on his cell. Kinda drains all the tension out of the fight scene.

Sometimes after watching an action flick — or even during, if it’s not very good — I wonder a little about the aftermath. You know, the hero has just triumphed over the bad guys and is all worn out and wounded, the bodies of his fallen enemies all around him. And then the cops show up in droves to arrest him, wanting to know what, exactly, this heavily-armed maniac thinks he’s doing. They never show the kind of fast-talking that must require, and I think they should one of these times, or at least discuss it a little. That happens very rarely, sadly.

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