San Andreas

The title character, the fault itself.

I’m still wondering if it’s possible to wedge a 6’4″ person into a normal helicopter, but they make it look possible, at least, since movies are good at that. Dwayne Johnson, aka Hercules, gets to be the hero again, this time an airborne one, though this is a bit like a Bond movie in that the main characters get to try out all sorts of different forms of transportation, some of them stolen, though to be fair, they are right in the middle of a disaster by the time the legal aspects start getting a bit hazy.

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The legend takes time out to play with his cat. I mean, the Nemean Lion.

The old saying is true: being a legend isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. At least not when you’re Hercules, in this case the older, sadder sort of Hercules played by Dwayne Johnson (The Other Guys), who finished his famous Twelve Labors long ago and now wanders around the Mediterranean as a mercenary for hire.
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Planet 51

Skiff is the one on the left, and he's right to look nervous.

Yes, I was the only grownup in the theatre without a kid in tow. This is my first time reviewing a movie aimed at the younger set, so it was kind of an experience. And I wasn’t really sure what to expect — some people kept saying it looked silly, others that it looked good and they wanted to see it. As it turned out, it was actually pretty fun, once I got over the idea that all the other adults were looking at me funny because I was there by myself.

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Get Smart

99 prepares to fire, and Max prepares to demonstrate a made-up martial art.

“Missed it by that much.” That was about all I knew about the Get Smart TV show, just that catch phrase and the shoe phone, really. I think once, long ago, I saw the episode where Max and 99 get married, because I vaguely remember being puzzled over how someone could get married and not even say their real name. I researched it before I went, but I’m sure I missed a ton of in-jokes. For instance, Max (Steve Carell) had a wanted poster up on his refrigerator for Dr.
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The Other Guys

Allen and Terry use Sir David as a shield from the critics. It doesn't work.

First of all, I don’t like Will Ferrell. I’m honestly not sure why they’re still letting him star in major motion pictures. And I don’t really like Mark Wahlberg, either, after that whole Max Payne thing. I wanted to go see Middle Men because yes, a movie about the economics of internet porn sounded more appealing than this. But it wasn’t playing around here. Stupid pseudo-wide-release.
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