Terminator: Genisys

Arnold "smiling".  It still needs work, as you might imagine.

Those darn time-traveling robots are up to their old tricks, covering their tracks again. Certainly they’ve found a new, scary way to blend in better, though thankfully not the same sort of way they had in the last Terminator flick, which is probably better forgotten. It’s a good time to forget anything about the previous Terminator movies that you might not have liked, of course, since everything’s been rebooted and all you really need to know is the basic plot of the first movie.
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Tris crashes the party. I know, too easy, but I couldn't resist.

Technically the movie is called Insurgent: The Divergent Series, but that just feels awkward and doesn’t actually keep the titles together alphabetically. Calling it Divergent: Insurgent is even more awkward, though, and Divergent: Allegiant won’t be much better. Heck, my spell check doesn’t even recognize allegiant, though it is a real word, just like all the faction names.

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Tris gets a tattoo.  I mean, gets her mind read.

Oh, the things people will do in a near-future, post-apocalyptic world just to keep the peace. First the Hunger Games, now this — a society built on forcing people to choose a faction to join when they’re sixteen or so, because all sixteen-year-olds know exactly what they want out of the rest of their lives and never ever change their minds.
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I, Frankenstein

When the scary undead guy asks for his book back, just give it to him.

Since the zombie movie craze seems to be dying down — no pun intended — it’s apparently time to move on to other sorts of undead. I suppose you could argue that Frankenstein’s monster was the very first zombie, but somehow that never quite feels right, does it? He didn’t crave brains, after all, and he couldn’t make more zombies by biting people, either, so he’s more like his own category, really.

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Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise and Robert Duvall. Robert wonders how he ended up in this mess.

There’s a famous story about Raiders of the Lost Ark that you might have heard, where the script called for a big fight scene between Indy and a very large man with a very large sword. When the time came to film that scene, however, Harrison Ford was just getting over the flu and totally didn’t want to go through all that effort, so instead of fighting, he just pulled out his gun and shot the guy — inadvertently creating one of the most memorable scenes ever.

This movie does exactly the opposite and creates a scene that, mercifully, I’m already starting to forget.

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