If you think there's something off about her face, you're quite right.

I’ve always thought that one of the worst things about going truly insane is the fact that you’re unaware of what’s actually happening. If you thought the protagonist — because ‘hero’ is totally not the right word — of Cabrito was out of his mind before, then Rosalita will prove otherwise. This is a full-blown, wake up screaming nightmare compared to the bad and unsettling dream of Cabrito, which makes me really wonder what will happen in the third installment of the trilogy.

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Mom on one of her rants. She looks pretty evil, doesn't she?

Despite sayings like misery loves company and two can live as cheaply as one, there’s nothing at all fun or cute about living in poverty. In Cabrito, one young man (Samir Hauaji) is trapped in the most abject poverty as he struggles to keep himself and his mother fed and with a roof over their heads. But while the son suffers mainly in silence, his mother can’t stop telling him over and over what a failure he is.
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