Transformers: Age of Extinction

Optimus Prime as a shiny semi. When on the run, stay inconspicuous.

For some reason I was sure that this movie had already opened last weekend and I missed it. Well, not “missed”, exactly, more like “successfully avoided”. But then here it was, and I decided to risk it… then came within a centimeter of changing my mind when I realized that the run time was 165 minutes. Yes, that’s two hours and 45 minutes. That’s three minutes longer than Avatar, and I barely survived that.
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Gone Baby Gone

Patrick detects, and Angie wonders where all her lines have gone.

I already knew Ben Affleck couldn’t act. I’m still trying to decide if he can direct. He did manage to write a pretty good screenplay — some of the dialogue was a little awkward in places, but otherwise he did all right there, even without Matt Damon to help him. He had a good place to start, at least; I haven’t read the novel this movie was based on, but I know Dennis Lehane writes some pretty good stuff.

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Man on a Ledge

Lydia prepares to overpower Nick and haul him bodily back inside.

These days, all you really have to do to get your proverbial fifteen minutes of fame is to go out on a high ledge. That doesn’t do me any good, since I’m scared of heights and also sometimes get dizzy spells, so I can’t actually use that as my next attempt to get myself some more site traffic. It would probably be super-effective, though, at least if I did it in New York. Just ask Sam Worthington, formerly of Clash of the Titans and soon to be also of Wrath of the Titans.

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