Guardians of the Galaxy

Not actually a scene in the movie, but still a good cast shot.

I’ll admit, the previews for this made me a bit nervous. For one thing, the whole idea seemed like an odd choice for the next Marvel movie, since Guardians of the Galaxy was never a hugely popular title. I vaguely remembered the angry talking raccoon and the green woman, but that was about it, so I wasn’t sure this was such a good idea. Also, John C.
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Riddick with my favorite character: The CGI 'dog'.

Now, I did see Pitch Black, back when it was first released, though I’ve long ago forgotten all the details. Of course, you kind of don’t need to remember the details since I think this is basically the same movie all over again, just with different-looking things trying to eat everyone. And these scary critters come out when it rains rather than when it gets dark. I guess if you’re comfortable with a certain formula and it doesn’t totally flop at the box office, why not do it all over again? It’s been thirteen years, after all.

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Babylon A.D.

You have to admit that Vin Diesel is excellent at being scary.

This seems like another in the seemingly endless string of movies lately that’s based on some dark, futuristic graphic novel. There was Sin City and 300, and coming up we have Watchmen and Max Payne. (Also a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still, which isn’t based on a graphic novel, obviously, but is chock-full of special effects, unlike the original.
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