Kung Fu Panda 2

The Furious Five strike a pose.

This might be the decade of the comic book movie, but it’s certainly the century of the sequel. Or at least the weekend of the sequel. I’m sure that movie offerings on holiday weekends used to be a lot better than they seem to be these days. Really, though, I shouldn’t complain too much, since it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. I just have to complain about something, and the kids in the theatre were surprisingly well-behaved.

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Paul Bettany falls for the old "Look behind you!" trick.

We are in the middle of the decade of the comic book movie. Technically, this is based on a 16-issue series of graphic novels by Hyung Min-woo, but close enough. It’s almost exactly nothing like the comics, though, as far as I can tell. Shocker.

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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

The comic version vs. the flesh and blood version.

This is a comic book movie, though I wouldn’t blame you for not knowing that. I didn’t, though I did suspect it enough to look it up and find out, and sure enough, it’s based on the Dylan Dog series by Italian writer Tiziano Sclavi (honored in the flick by having a vampire named after him). The comic is set in London, despite being in Italian, and the main character is what’s known as L’indagatore dell’incubo, or Nightmare Investigator. Sounds much more exciting than a regular sort of investigator, doesn’t it? Well, more exciting in the sense of a lot scarier.
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