Killer Elite

Jason Statham demonstrates his trademark Flying Killer Chair move on Clive Owen.

I think I like this movie, except now I can’t think of anything to say about it, really, which is usually a bad sign. It’s like stand-up comedy, maybe — as long as you’re getting some reaction from the audience, that isn’t out and out booing, there’s still hope. Indifference is the worst possible sign, and that seems to work for movies, too.

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Driver, Irene, and Benicio out driving, because what else would they do?

This time, the movie really is based on the book of the same name, by James Sallis. The main character in Drive is Driver, so that’s easy to remember. Well, Driver isn’t actually his name, at least I don’t think it is, but that’s what everyone calls him. Hugh Jackman almost played the character, which would’ve been funny if he had, since his character in Australia was called Drover.
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The movie poster, since I couldn't possibly choose just one star.

First of all, I’ve seen a few places around the net where people are asking if this is based on the book Contagion by Robin Cook. I’ve even spotted a few places where people are warning others away from the film, because it’s so totally nothing like the book they should just go read it instead of bothering with the flick. Well, here’s the thing — it’s nothing like the novel because it isn’t based on the novel. A guy named Scott Z. Burns wrote the script.

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Apollo 18

Nate realizes that he is not quite alone.

For some odd reason, the imdb lists the names of the three main actors in this film, but doesn’t list character names — they’re down as uncredited. Which is wrong; they’re just credited at the end of the film instead of the beginning, but apparently that confused someone over there. Maybe they’ll fix it later. In any case, let me satisfy your curiosity, if you’re anxious to know who plays who.
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