Gran Torino

It doesn't seem to matter how old he is -- Clint Eastwood's still pretty scary.

Before I went into this movie, I wasn’t quite clear on what a Gran Torino was. I mean, I knew it was some kind of old car model, but apparently it’s a Classic Car, the kind that makes people itch to own it — at least when it’s a 1972 Gran Torino, in mint condition. I don’t quite see the attraction myself, but it is nice, and it makes everyone from the local gangstas to a spoiled teenage girl drool over it.

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Hot Fuzz

Danny lives his dream of flying through the air whilst firing a gun.

Is anyone else vaguely surprised that I’m reviewing this? I am. I never thought I’d even type that particular phrase. But a friend of mine living in England (Hi, JP!) who therefore saw this movie some time ago said that I should give it a try, and I did, and here we are. And I actually really liked it.

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Children of Men

Theo helps a frightened Kee through the Bexhill Refugee Camp.

I should have driven to Chicago. I should have at least called in sick to work yesterday so I could have watched this film that much sooner. Stupid day job. But now I’ve seen it, and I think I can safely say that this may be the best movie I’m going to see in all of 2007.

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Blood Diamond

That big pink diamond looks pretty and harmless, doesn't it?

When the movie has “blood” right in the title, you know you’ll be seeing a lot of the stuff. Trust me, the film doesn’t disappoint in that respect. Conversely, you don’t actually see a lot of diamonds, though they’re the driving force behind everything.

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The MCND: Celebrating (Almost) Five Years of Films, Fun, and Snark

The most complicated graph ever. Follow it, and your site will rule the web!

Back in December of 2006, the Movie Critic Next Door was born. Well, the site was born, anyway. I was alive for a considerable while before that. The point is, it’s rapidly closing on five years since I hopefully (and surprisingly optimistically) posted that first review, which means it’s time to celebrate — or mourn, I suppose, if you’re not a fan.

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The God of War, the God of the Sea, and the God of Shark Rabbits.

In ancient times, everyone lived perched on the edge of a cliff. No, seriously. In the case of the deities, I’m sure it’s for dramatic effect, but even peasants live in villages carved into the face of the living rock, overlooking a steep, sheer drop down into the unforgiving ocean. Acrophobia must not have been invented yet.

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Tower Heist

A nice cast photo. Would you trust these people to rob you?

The studio was probably pretty happy about the timing of this film. It wouldn’t have been at all out of place for some of the characters to join in one of the Occupier protests on the side. Heck, even Bernie Madoff is back in the news lately, bragging about how wonderful federal prison is, and old Uncle Bernie must be one of Arthur Shaw’s heroes.

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