The Dark Knight Rises

Not quite a remake of the famous Batman-Catwoman dance scene, but close.

Back when all this started, seven years ago, I had a hard time imagining what, exactly, Christopher Nolan might do to the entire concept of Batman once he was allowed to play with it for a while. Not that I have anything against his filmmaking, far from it, but somehow he didn’t seem like the right person for the job, given that I mostly knew him from movies like Inception and its only somewhat less confusing cousin, Memento.
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We are the Movies

I just barely remember my dad bringing me to see one of the many revivals of Fantasia in the theatre. Though I was never much of a Mickey Mouse fan, I knew that the Sorcerer’s Apprentice part wasn’t exactly usual for him, and I covered my eyes a few times over the spooky winged demon-things. It was all right, though, because my dad was there.

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The Top 5 Worst Dressed Movies

The official MCND Worst Dressed Top 5 logo. That grunge look is so 1980's.

Now, I have no fashion sense, I admit that freely. After all, I’m basically a geek and traditionally, geeks have no clue about how to dress. Forcing me to go clothes shopping is about the worst form of torture that anyone could inflict upon me, especially if said clothing store is in a mall. But sometimes, even I can’t help but gape at the screen and wonder why in the world anyone thought that particular fashion statement was actually a good idea. In other words, it’s time for the Top Five Worst Dressed Movies list.

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The Amazing Spider-Man

Peter and webbing. The webs are too shiny and his hair is too perfect.

I initially thought that most people were likely to feel the same way I did about this new Spider-Man business. At a previous movie, a trailer was shown for this movie and also for Dark Knight Rises. The first got a rousing round of indifferent silence; the second prompted a lot of whispered, excited-sounding comments.
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