Premium Rush

Wilee realizes to his horror that the address on the envelope is illegible.

Despite all the fax machines and email programs in the world, sometimes you’ve just got to get something physically from one place to another in a ridiculous hurry. This is why there are bike messengers, and apparently quite a lot of them in places like New York. One such company, at least in this movie, is Security Couriers, where people are paid a pittance to race around on bikes and weave through traffic like a real-life Mario Kart.

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The Bourne Legacy

Marta panics to hear cutbacks might force her to move to an even smaller cubicle

For once, I feel absolutely qualified to review a movie, since I own all the Bourne movies and have watched them at least a few times each. I practically have the first one memorized. You should see the way I hang on every word when Chris Cooper and Brian Cox are sniping at each other. If that isn’t how the people who really run top secret black ops agencies talk, it should be.

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Total Recall

Quaid v. Quaid, past and present. And future, sort of.

First, forget Mars. I’m not trying to be cute; there’s just no Mars in this version of the story. I found that kind of a letdown. The first part of the movie is still much the same as the original 1990 version, since they didn’t get to Mars right away, and Colin Farrell does say once that he’d like to go to Mars, but it just isn’t the same.

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