Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

The gang in front of the witch's burning house. Not in the final cut.

It’s a tricky thing, retelling a fairy tale, or at least it seems to be in the movies. The writers have to find a way to make the story fresh without making it unrecognizable, and I have a feeling such ideas often seem much better on the page than they turn out on the screen, for various reasons. Sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised by a Snow White and the Huntsman, and sometimes you end up with, well, a movie like this, which doesn’t surprise you pleasantly or otherwise.

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The Last Stand

Arnold, Sarah, and Frank are bemused to learn that Lewis has a gun named Vicki.

Had I realized that this Johnny Knoxville person from the posters was one of the people in those Jackass movies, I probably would have suffered through Broken City instead, since Mama looked about three times too scary for me. Thankfully, my ignorance led me in a good direction this time, because despite his high billing, he’s only got about five scenes and therefore never has enough time to start being truly annoying as village idiot Lewis Dinkum. He names everything he owns and has an unhealthy fascination with large guns.

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