Star Trek Into Darkness

The Enterprise surfaces dramatically from her underwater hiding place.

Once, long ago, someone spoiled the twist ending of The Sixth Sense for me, and ever since then I’ve tried hard not to be That Person. So this review will be very carefully worded, and I refuse to confirm or deny any theories you and your friends may have formulated based on the previews. But the whole crew is back, which was nice to see, and I’ll just take this opportunity to link to the first movie in the new series so I don’t have to worry about it later.

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The Great Gatsby

Nick, Gatsby, Daisy, and Tom watch the other guests at one of Gatsby's parties.

I did my best to avoid the 3-D version of this. Ideally, I would have liked to pretend that it didn’t exist… because, seriously. Why in the world would anyone want to see The Great Gatsby, a book that is about the opposite of an action thriller, adapted into 3-D? Was this an attempt to make it seem less like a film to which some women might have to drag unwilling husbands and boyfriends? If so, I’m pretty sure it didn’t work.

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Iron Man 3

The suit Mark 42 settles in to watch The Avengers on Blu-Ray.

Back when I was reviewing Iron Man 2, I talked about sequels and their outrageous expensiveness. Well, this time around, having seen how popular the last Iron Man flick was, the studio raised the budget and, apparently, told the scriptwriters and the director to go wild with the effects, and gave them full permission to break anything they liked as long as it was dramatic.

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