The Wolverine

Logan attempts to create the world's first convertible bullet train.

I did try my best to forget the debacle that was X-Men: The Last Stand, but sadly I was forced to remember some of it here. The Wolverine, you see, has sworn never to hurt anyone ever again, after having been forced to kill Jean Grey (Famke Janssen, last seen playing a wicked witch), and now lives like a hermit in some mountainous area or other, only occasionally resurfacing to walk into town and buy batteries when his radio dies.
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The Lone Ranger

Silver & Tonto, with John Reid in the back. The horse is the smartest one.

I accidentally noticed that the reviews for this movie were very mixed — surprisingly, since I have to admit I wasn’t expecting to hear anything good about it at all — and now I know why, since I’m still making up my mind about it. It was definitely better than I expected, though I can’t decide if that actually puts it into the category of “good” or not.

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