The World’s End

The gang at the Trusty Servant. Or maybe the Two-Headed Dog. It's hard to tell.

June 22nd, 1990, was the highlight of Gary’s life, and yes, his friends do think that’s pretty sad, since he was only 17 or so at the time. But that was the night that he and his friends attempted to finish the Golden Mile — a massive pub crawl through their hometown of Newton Haven, featuring a pint at each of twelve pubs. I’m not sure they were old enough to be drinking, but no one objects, at least, and they make it through nine of the twelve before finally giving up because most of them have passed out cold.

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Matt Damon as Max Da Costa. He can save me anytime.

By 2154, the gap between rich and poor has widened to, oh, about 1,200 miles or so. That’s 1,200 miles straight up, by the way, as anyone you’d call wealthy has moved up to the Elysium space station, a land of trees, rolling hills, swimming pools, and large, pristine houses. Robotic servants tend to everyone’s needs, medical science can heal virtually anything, and life is Perfect.

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2 Guns

Images from comic & screen. First meant to star Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

Lately, super hero movies seem to be losing some of their power, if you’ll forgive the expression. But comic book movies are still out there, just featuring different sorts of heroes. This one isn’t secretly based on a comic book; they’re pretty up front about that. And as far as I can tell, it sticks fairly closely to the source material, though hopefully the graphic novel had slightly better dialogue.

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