Don't make her angry. You wouldn't like her when she's angry.

I’m wondering if this movie was remade now because anti-bullying campaigns are so much in the news right now. I mean, if there was any kind of a chance that telekinetic powers actually existed, even just 10%, at least a few bullies might think twice about harassing their classmates out of sheer self-preservation. Well, maybe one or two might. But if you ever had anything bad happen to you in high school, and I mean anything, approach this movie with caution.

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This gives you an idea of how much stuff gets turned into space junk.

Somehow, this movie contrives to make space seem both vast and claustrophobic — vast because, well, it is, and claustrophobic because every time the characters turn around they’re bumping into satellites or each other or just plain getting tangled up in things. It’s also a study in how many things can go horribly wrong, though thankfully it manages to do that in less annoying fashion than some movies I could mention.

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Sandra waits for all her nightmares to come true.

When you go to the theatre every week, you can bet that you stay up-to-date on all the latest trailers. I’d seen the preview for this film several times, and it looked good — even Yahoo movies told me I’d probably like it. And does anyone not like Sandra Bullock? I mean, seriously. Besides, the only way I would have agreed to review Dead Silence is if someone brainwashed me into thinking it was a comedy.

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